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5 reasons to try Tongkat Ali: UK men are jumping on this supplement trend, here’s why:

by Laura Palmer

Find out what the fuss is about Tongkat Ali, UK men’s trending supplement for 2023. Sometimes called 'natural Viagra', Tongkat Ali has been linked with improving everything from your sex drive, to your mood, muscle strength, and energy levels.

Extracted from a flowering plant native to Indonesia and Malaysia, the roots of this herbal helper have been used for centuries by indigenous people in the remote rainforests of Malaysia. Medicine men prescribed it as an aphrodisiac, antibiotic, to soothe indigestion, and even to treat malaria and cancer!

These days UK men have become one of the fastest growing audiences of Tongkat Ali. And it’s become the herbal supplement of choice if you’re looking to boost your performance in the gym and the bedroom! But those aren't the only health benefits of Tongkat Ali. Read on to discover five very good reasons to try this supplement, the best ways to take it, and whether it's legal to buy in the UK:

The benefits of Tongkat Ali UK men are loving:

1. Enhanced libido and fertility

Perhaps the most famous use of Tongkat Ali is to pep up your sex life. The potent herb is known for its ability to improve circulation. Allowing you to enjoy better blood flow to EVERY part of your body – making it ideal for treating erectile dysfunction. Research has also shown it can have a positive impact on fertility levels in men. This is because the herb helps increase testosterone production, which can also improve sperm count and motility. A study conducted on rats showed it could boost sperm count by as much as 94%!

2. Testosterone support and hormonal balance

Increased testosterone won't just boost your sex life either! Taking Tongkat Ali to improve your testosterone levels will also help you to increase muscle mass, strength, and overall vitality. This is because testosterone helps build muscle by generating proteins, which then increases muscle strength.

And there are also benefits of Tongkat Ali UK women can benefit from! Women need testosterone too, and if you're a peri-menopausal your levels could be in decline. If your libido's done a disappearing act, it's definitely worth considering this herb to boost your testosterone and get your hormones back in balance.

3. Increased energy and stamina enhancement

Tongkat Ali is also helpful for leveling up your athletic performance and increasing muscle mass. This is because it contains quassinoids, compounds like eurycomaoside, eurycolactone, and eurycomanone. Research has shown these can all help your body use energy more efficiently, reduce fatigue, and improve endurance. Definitely one for gym lovers, there's a strong Tongkat Ali UK fitness and wellbeing link. And if you're looking for serious gains, Tongkat Ali is well worth trying.

4. Mood improvement and stress reduction

It's not just your physical wellbeing Tongkat Ali can improve, it can also have a powerful impact on mental health. Research has shown that taking the supplement can lower stress hormones in your body, decrease anxiety, and boost your mood. A study where people took Tongkat Ali extract daily, for a month, showed a 16% reduction of the stress hormone cortisol in their saliva. Patients also said they felt less stress, anger, and tension. Showing the use of Tongkat Ali UK wide could get everyone feeling brighter and happier.

5. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Another use of Tongkhat Ali UK people are obsessed with is its ability to help lower inflammation in the body. This plant extract contains bioactive compounds with super strong antioxidant properties. Ideal for combatting all the pesky free radicals we're exposed to. This helps to lower oxidative stress, and in turn inflammation, the culprit behind loads of chronic conditions. In theory, this could help to reduce your risk of illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.

Is Tongkat Ali UK native?

Is Tongkat Ali UK native? Sadly not, this amazing plant only grows in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and also Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand. But the good news is, it's the roots of the plant that contain the majority of the active ingredients and these can easily be imported around the world.

To be most effective, the roots need to be thoroughly dried to create a more potent extract. This extract is then incorporated in pills, powders, drinks, and (of course!) vitamin patches, including our Modern Man patch (which also contains other highly effective male health supplements like ginseng, maca root, horny goat weed, and yohimbe – just saying!)

What’s the best way to take Tongkat Ali UK made or otherwise and is it legal?:

Whether you take a Tongkat Ali UK made supplement, or something you've sourced from further afield (our Modern Man patches are made in the US) it's worth looking at the most effective way to take it.

You only need to take a small quantity of Tongkat Ali (too much has been linked to damaging your DNA), so mega-dose oral supplements are best avoided. The Modern Man patch contains 10mg, the ideal daily amount to give you a boost. Don't forget, delivery through the skin also means more of the active ingredients make it into your bloodstream, so you'll feel the benefits faster.

And don't worry, it's legal to take Tongkat Ali in the UK. It's not banned and isn't listed on the UK Government's restricted herbal ingredients list.

What does the science say about Tongkat Ali's benefits?

Also known as Long Jack, Malaysian ginseng, and erm, Ali’s Umbrella (us neither!), numerous scientific studies have been conducted on Tongkat Ali UK wide, and across the world, to determine how effective it is. Research so far has identified that the plant is rich in bioactive compounds and steroids which can have a positive impact on human health. There's still a lot of work being done to understand exactly how Tongkat Ali works, but there is a great deal of excitement around it, with one study describing it as: "a valuable medicinal plant for the health benefit of future generations."

And that's not all, our customers have been raving about Tongkat Ali too. You'll find Tongkat Ali in our Modern Man patch, which a customer left this glowing review for: "These are the very best patches I have ever used. I feel alive and full of vigour and life. My energy is on a constant pleasant flowing level of vitality and I have a spring to my step! For the very first time in such a long time I can actually keep up with my 10-year-old daughter and 3-year-old twins. Thank you so much for making such a great product. I totally recommend it 100%."

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