5 a day? Food myths busted

5 a Day

5 a day? Food myths busted. From red meat, to dairy, eggs and salt, the science behind what you should and shouldn’t eat to feel well.

Personal goals for the New Year – Aim for progress over perfection

Goals New Year

Many people fail to meet their goals, which can dent self-confidence and lead to abandoning the whole plan – sigh. So, is there a foolproof way to set goals? Not exactly. But there are different approaches you can take that will help you build your confidence and move forwards.

Which Supplements Are Best For Summer Workouts?


Iron can be a game changer when it comes to breaking through your plateau, but there are many other vitamins and minerals you can take to ensure all systems are at go. Lots of athletes swear by taking the B complex of vitamins, because they are essential in the function of metabolic pathways in the body.

Summer health: your guide to which supplements are best to take in the summer months and why.


Later nights, not eating your regular diet and drinking more alcohol can cause you to become rundown. If you find you’re suffering from things like fatigue, mouth ulcers and cold sores, that’s probably what’s going on. Cleaning up your diet, cutting down on the booze and trying to clock in the ‘holy grail’ eight hours of sleep a night, will get you back on track.