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Vitamin ADK: 5 unmissable wellbeing benefits you get from taking these vitamins together

by Laura Palmer

Did you know that millions of people in the UK are deficient in essential vitamins? Having low levels of vitamin D is most common, with around 1 in 6 adults thought to have levels lower than they should. And these deficiencies don't just affect the elderly, and people with chronic health conditions. Everything from a leaky gut to a sedentary lifestyle can increase your risk. The good news is, that most deficiencies are easily remedied by taking a multivitamin, many of which contain vitamin ADK. Alone, these essential vitamins are an excellent way to support your health, but did you know that when taken together, they provide even more impressive wellbeing benefits?

What are the benefits of vitamin ADK when taken alone?

Wondering what you could gain from taking vitamin ADK together? We'll come to that (patience!), but first here's just some of the good things to expect if you take these essential vitamins on their own. Vitamin D is a must for strong bones, helping your body to absorb and use calcium efficiently. It also modulates your immune system, lowering your risk of developing infections, and dampening down autoimmune conditions. Getting some daily D has also been linked to better mood, and greater muscle strength and function.

Carrots are rich in Vitamin A, and if your mum told you eating orange veggies could help you 'see in the dark', she wasn't lying! Vitamin A is a must for maintaining healthy eyes and preventing night blindness. Plus, boosting your intake will also promote healthy skin, improve your bone health and growth, and help your immune system bring its a-game (see what we did there).

Perhaps the less well-known of the three, vitamin K is essential for blood clotting. A 'K' top-up will also help you have stronger bones by aiding bone mineralisation and metabolism and supporting the health of cells throughout your body. Hot-off-the-press research has also shown that regular vitamin K doses could also help prevent calcification in your arteries AND boost your brain function – a double whammy of anti-aging benefits!

Why does taking these vitamins together boost their effectiveness?

As explained above, each of these vitamins has a vital role to play in your overall health, but when you take vitamin ADK together the magic really happens! These vitamins are said to work together synergistically. This means that when you combine them they do their thing, but with even better results! The positive effects each vitamin can offer are both enhanced and amplified compared to taking each vitamin individually.

What's the best way to take a combo of vitamin ADK?

Around 13 million people in the UK have issues with their gut health, and if your digestive system isn't absorbing nutrients as it should, oral multivitamins are unlikely to offer the results you want. This is when patches are a great idea, as they totally bypass the gut and deliver the vitamins directly into your bloodstream, so you can enjoy more of the benefits discussed in this blog. Our MultiVitamin Plus patch is an excellent catch-all that contains vitamin A, D, K, and lots of other goodies.

But if you want to get the very best vitamin ADK combo benefits, our Keep Klear patch is what you really need. As well as the strongest dose of these miracle working nutrients available in our patches, it also contains renowned anti-inflammatory curcumin, and cardiovascular health dynamite l-carnatine. Plus anti-oxidants zinc, selenium and vitamin C and E, and type II collagen, a must for supporting the repair and health of your gut wall.

Everything you need to improve your immunity, bone health, and gut integrity in one super easy-to-use patch – job done! And don't be put off by the name, we're recommending these 'off label'. Pop one on and experience the ADK magic for yourself:

5 benefits of taking vitamin ADK together:

1. Longer lifespan:

Studies have shown that a combined deficiency in vitamins D and K increases your risk of dying by all causes by as much as 42-46%. Showing just how important it is to keep your intake of these vital vitamins where it should be. Decent levels of D and K are crucial for maintaining your cardiovascular health. When you consider that coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, it makes sense that supporting your heart health with the right supplements could help prolong your lifespan. Taking vitamin ADK together increases their potency and helps to provide even greater cardiovascular protection.

2. Better cardiovascular wellbeing:

As well as helping you make it to a grand old age, this magical vitamin combo also helps keep your cardiovascular health tip-top, so you can stay active, fit, and well, for as long as possible. Research shows that taking vitamins A, D, and K together is associated with improvements in the flexibility of blood vessels, better metabolic function, and lower levels of inflammation. They can also lower blood pressure and help to reduce and even (in some cases) reverse the calcification of arteries.

3. Improved bone health:

Vitamin D and K are both a must for healthy bones because they help your bones attract calcium. Lower blood levels of both vitamin K and D are associated with lower bone density and increased fracture risk, so it's very important not to have a deficiency in either. Vitamin A also plays a key role in improving bone health because it helps the osteoblasts (bone-building cells) in your body. By taking vitamin ADK together you'll heighten the effects of these bone-boosting nutrients even further, to keep your body strong. Plus – when you take Vitamin A, your D needs increase too, yet another reason to take them together.

A word of warning – too much vitamin A can trigger the cells that break your bones down too – gah! This is why our patches are ideal to get your ADK, because they contain lower concentrations of vitamin A than many supplements (because the transdermal delivery means you need much less of the active ingredient to get the same great results).

4. Vitamin ADK = an anti-inflammatory powerhouse!

During the COVID pandemic, vitamin D got a lot of airtime for its anti-inflammatory benefits. But did you know vitamin D needs vitamin A to bind to a vitamin D receptor to enable it to work its anti-inflammatory magic to the full? If you take vitamin D without A, you might not be getting the full benefit.

Taking this vitamin combo is a great idea for moderating any chronic illness driven by inflammation, and can be particularly effective for helping with inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis. These conditions can affect how well your gut absorbs nutrients, so by taking a d & k together not only will you potentially reduce your symptoms by lessening inflammation, you're also providing your body with the nutrients it needs for recovery. Particularly if you use a patch, which bypasses the gut entirely – just saying!

5. A balanced immune system:

Fed up with constant colds, or living with an autoimmune condition? A vitamin ADK combo could help. Vitamin D is essential for regulating immune function, which makes it an ace choice for anyone with autoimmune issues. But if you add vitamin A into the mix, you could support your immune system even further! Vitamin D and A work together to regulate when and how immune cells develop and respond depending on what's going on with your health.

And when you take them together, they are also excellent for boosting the health and diversity of your gut microbiome. Given that many chronic illnesses are linked to 'leaky' gut or imbalances in gut bacteria, this could be your first step in tackling the root cause of your wellbeing concerns.