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Why we’re passionate about what we do:

by Sadie Roberts
Sadie, the founder of PatchWorks, has experienced chronic illness and the transformative power of taking the right supplements firsthand. She was diagnosed with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2012, and later with Lyme disease. Her ill health was so debilitating she was forced to close her software company in Hong Kong, take some time out, and move back to the UK.

She spent years experimenting with various holistic interventions to try and regain her health, from diet, to Ozone therapy and everything in between. You name it, she’s probably tried it out:

“I was in a clinic in Florida for 3 months towards the end of 2016, receiving treatment for ME/CFS/Lyme. At the time I must have been taking 40+ pills a day of vitamins and supplements, as I had been for years.”

 “I was recommended a few of the vitamin patches by PatchMD and I jumped at the chance of reducing the amount of pills I was having to chug daily. That was my main motivation, I didn’t expect them to work better than the quality orals I had been taking, but they did! I could really feel the difference.”

At that time, PatchMD vitamin patches were only available in America. Sadie brought a suitcase full home, and when those ran out, had them sent over from the US. The shipping process wasn’t ideal: long delays, having to pay customs… but the product was worth persevering for.

By chatting to other chronically ill peers, Sadie soon realised just how many people in the UK were using the patches to help them to feel well. Not to mention the multitude of vitamin patch users who shared her frustration with the “pain in the bum” process of getting their hands on them! An idea started to form in Sadie’s mind…

By the beginning of 2018, her health had improved and she finally felt well enough to change things up and: “Do something other than being ill!” So she contacted PatchMD about buying their patches from them at trade, and set up PatchWorks:

“I had no idea things would go so well. I thought it would be something that would potter along, keeping me occupied, but as I’ve grown in health, PatchWorks has grown too. We’ve both gone from strength to strength.”

Sadie understands how influential and life-changing the right supplements can be in supporting your health, and what a game changer vitamin patches are if you’re someone that needs to take multiple vitamins and nutrients:

“I do believe PatchWorks has been a key part of my recovery; moving me from a world of chronic illness, into a new, positive environment.”

Sadie’s unique experience inspired her to create a company that can provide you with an easy, hassle-free way to take control of both you and your family’s health and wellbeing.

PatchWorks’ core values are health and wellness for all, and to inspire and support you to look after your own health. Whether that’s to help tackle a chronic illness, address a deficiency in your diet, or simply give your body more of what it needs to feel your very best – we’re here for it!

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