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About Vitamin Patches

Are you confident you’re getting all you should from your oral vitamins and supplements?

Dan wasn’t, he was low in B12 and Vit D3 even though he’d tried various oral supplements. He tried our vitamin patches and for the first time in years, his blood tests came back with good levels.

I spent ages trying new vitamins, but nothing was bringing my vitamin D and B12 levels up. Then one day I saw your products, didn’t think they would work, just another gimmick. Well wasn’t I proved wrong! First time in years my bloods came back with with perfect B12 & D levels (docs were shocked too). So thanks for all of this!!

Here’s why oral supplements didn’t work for Dan:

Absorption levels can be low for oral supplements. When swallowed the supplement has to make its way through the stomach and then the liver before it reaches the bloodstream where it can be used by the body. Some of the nutrients are lost via excretion from the gut, the remainder make their way to the liver where some are then broken down, what’s left passes into the bloodstream. This means that only a percentage of the vitamins Dan swallowed made it into his general circulation where his body could utilise them. (This phenomenon is called the First Pass Effect.)

When Dan tried vitamin patches however, they delivered nutrients more directly into the bloodstream via the skin. Bypassing the stomach and liver meant the nutrients weren’t excreted or broken down, therefore more made it into his circulation and this was reflected in his blood tests.

Vitamin patches also deliver their ingredients slowly over an 8 hour period. This drip feed of nutrients is easier for the body to utilise than one large oral dose. This is due to us not being able to store some vitamins, what can’t be used at the time is wasted. You only need to look at your bright yellow urine after swallowing B vitamins to wonder if you’re flushing most of them away.

First Pass1

First Pass Effect

3-layer topical patch technology:

Backing Layer – this layer is uniquely designed to effectively provide structural support for the patch to be worn all day/night, even with high activity.

Multi Nutrient Layer – this layer uses nanodirect technology to release nutrients slowly throughout the day/night.

Contact Layer – this layer’s exclusive, all-natural adhesive allows the patch to be worn anywhere on the body and to stay in place throughout the day/night.

3 layer patch tech

About PatchWorks

Why we’re passionate about what we do.

Sadie, our founder was diagnosed with ME/CFS in 2012 and later with Lyme disease. Her ill health meant she had no choice but to stop working, close her software company in Hong Kong and move back to the UK.

She spent years using various holistic interventions to regain her health, including; diet, ozone therapy, neural retraining and many things in between. Each had a positive impact on her well being, finally culminating in an ability and a need to, ‘Do something other than being ill!’

PatchMD vitamin patches from the USA were one of the successful interventions, but they weren’t readily available in the UK/EU, so in 2018 she founded PatchWorks and now imports them to sell this side of The Pond.

At PatchWorks one of our core values is health and wellness for all. We strive to inspire and support you to look after your own health. Helping you to be proactive in looking after the wellbeing of you and your family.